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4K or 2K: Making the Right Choice for Your 8mm Film Transfer

Customers ask us, "Do you transfer in 4K?" This question inspired me to write this somewhat technical 4-part blog. We don't do a 4K transfer of 8mm film and would like to explain why, in this blog which includes some geeky film facts.

4K transfer next to 2K film transfer
On the left is a 4K transfer - and on the right is a 2K. Do you see a difference in the grain? We don't. One is not sharper than the other.

8mm film can only hold a certain amount of detail. So, one is not going to get a better, more clear transfer by "going 4K" with an 8mm film original. 2K is where it's at!

If you prefer to "cut to the chase", please read our more succinct Considerations and Conclusions.

In Part 2 we'll talk about how much detail 8mm film can hold. 8mm Film Resolution

Author: Nathaniel Courtens

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