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Phone: (805) 640-8883


I don't think I can say enough good things about the service provided by Laura and Nathaniel. I had 6 200' reels of Super8 film to transfer, and I tried using a local company with awful results. I was hesitant to ship my priceless memories via mail service and risk another disappointment anyway, but the extensive technical information on the website, the samples and the testimonials convinced me to try. Boy, am I glad I did! Not only my memories were converted to a very high quality set of files, all my (way too many) questions were kindly and promptly answered, and a set of intermediate files provided for me to play with. I was unsure if the additional enhancements were worth the cost, but I have to say that I cannot recommend them enough, especially the secondary color correction: not only the colors "pop" and are much more natural, the process helps restore proper exposure and contrast to each scene, recovering details that I didn't think were present in the original film. Lastly, Laura and Nathaniel will truly take good care of your memories: I joked with them that they put more thought into just packing for return shipment than the other company did for the whole process. The packing on the return box was incredible and could survive anything short of a nuclear holocaust. It's great to see there is still technical competence, true craftsmanship and pride in performing one's job well.

Roberto Cazzaro

Kirkland, WA

A FilmFix note: We pay for return-shipping on all orders within the U.S., and we ship via USPS "Priority Mail with a Signature Required."

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