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If the thought of transferring all of your Super 8 films to hard drive is overwhelming then you are not alone!

Where do you even start?

Can they be transferred or is it too late?

What if I send them away for transfer only to never to see them again?

These are the questions I had along with the added burden and responsibility of self-nominating myself for this project. I used to look at the boxes of film each month and each month wondered how I would even complete such a task. Every time I went to the closet, there they were staring back at me begging to be saved. Once I realized they were the most important thing I owned and knowing that time was not on their side, I set off on an internet journey to learn all about transferring Super 8 film to hard drive. If I had of boxed them up and dropped them off at some super store for transfer my journey would end there, however I was constantly reminded that the transfer is critical and has to be done in the right hands. I started my search online and spent many evening hours reading over the transfer process and what different companies offered. Straight away I saw FilmFix . What captured my attention was their personal experience, professional site and their comprehensive explanation of the process. I read the reviews of course and thought I had come to the right place, so I saved them on my computer home screen. Why did I continue looking? because honestly I didn’t know what I was looking for and worried that a smaller company, in a small town may not have the capabilities of a larger group. I continued on to other sites and read into a world I didn’t know much about. While I was searching and comparing, the thoughts of my mother setting up her projector on the kitchen table to share all of our family fun and adventures played in my mind. I had to find the right company! It was just too important to all of us!

Why did I pick FilmFix ? Well I’ll tell you. I was a bit nervous but I had to make a decision, I wanted to be able to surprise everyone at Christmas with the films and that was in 6 months so I decided to make a call. When I first called FilmFix, Laura picked up the phone and I asked her the millions of questions I had. I knew then, at that minute I had come to the right place when Laura explained the whole process in her kind, reassuring voice. Hearing all about their film background as well as their obvious love and true excitement they have for film, I was thrilled they would be working on mine. They are a smaller company in a small town maybe, but that is exactly what you want. They will call you, email you, check in with progress and assist you in every step along the way. I could contact them anytime and I don't know of another company where you know exactly who is working on your film. You may know who has your film, but the actual expert, the person that holds your precious memories in their hands do you know who that is? I do! It’s Nathaniel! And let me tell you, they could not be in more capable, caring and dedicated hands. From beginning to end Laura and Nathaniel took me from the stress of boxes on the shelf to a Christmas full of memories. Once again, after forty plus years accompanied with all our laughter and tears, our precious home movies were saved and playing for all to share.

Nathaniel and Laura will help you every step of the way. I was worried about shipping my films but everything went just as they said and they notified me immediately when they arrived. If your films don’t need certain aspects such as color correction etc, that you may have chosen, they will let you know. You can talk to them and have a clear understanding of your best options for results you are looking for. I had all sorts of films and in all sorts of conditions and Nathaniel just blew me away with the results. You can look at samples as well to help you make decisions or changes and all the while knowing you have a team that cares about your films as much as you do. This Christmas I was able to see my parents again, not just in a photo but walking and smiling. If that was all Nathaniel could transfer was that 5 minutes, that would have been enough, but what he did do was to give us the gift to travel back in time and reunite us all through film. The films are beyond amazing and not just for their loved subject matter, the quality, the color, we just can't believe it!

If you are where I was only 6 month ago and are wondering how on earth do I start, call Laura and Nathaniel at FilmFix!

They are professional, kind, friendly and will have your best interests at heart. They will use their expertise, dedication and love of film to save, protect and bring your memories to life.

Oh and remember, transfer you films now while there is still time! It's one of the best things I've ever done.


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