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3% discount on the regular FilmFix price
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Phone: (805) 640-8883

Welcome to Nicole Sandler's Portal!

From this landing-page forward, you are using Nicole's portal. When you place a 8mm (or Super-8) film transfer, a video tape transfer, or a 35mm slide transfer order via this portal, you will do two things: enjoy a discount off the everyday FilmFix price and support Nicole!

Once you have done up an estimate, you will see more discount details. They are next to the "place order" button.

Prices listed inside this portal reveal a discounted price.

We look forward to helping you!

Privacy Statement and how payments are tracked

So that Nicole knows you placed an order using her portal, she will receive a copy of your "Order Confirmation" email. The email will include your personal information as it's shown on your order form. She will have access to your web order login. If she wishes, she will be able to track the progress of the order, right along with you. Once the order is complete, we will ask for your payment information and then process your payment. Your personal payment details will be kept private and only available to our two-person team at FilmFix. Once we mark your order as "paid", we will owe Nicole her share and make remittance in that amount (plus any amount from other orders) for that month. We pay her once per month.

FilmFix hopes you will spread the word about this special promo code: "Nicole"

It helps both FilmFix -- and Nicole -- in a very positive way!

3% discount on the regular FilmFix price
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