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Video File Size Calculation for a Single Frame
Select your image/video resolution: pixel count for the width and pixel count for the height.
select image size
total pixels per image (l*h) 345,600 px (or 0.3 Megapixels)
now we add color (RGB resp. YUC)
pixel count with color (l*h)*3 1,036,800 px
now add bit depth to each pixel
bits per pixel (bpp)
bits per color channel 8-bit =  8,294,400 bits
or in byte (bit/8) 1,036,800 Byte = 1,012.50KB/frame

Video File Size Calculation for running Frames
29.97* 1,012.50KB =  29.63MB/second
Chroma Sub-Sampling
(29.63MB /12 *6) 14.82MB
RAW un-compressed 1 Second 14.82MB
RAW un-compressed 1 Minute 889.00MB
RAW un-compressed 1 Houre 52.09GB
Codec Compression Compairason
  codec type comp.   per Second   per Minute   per Houre  
  RAW un-compressed (411 8bit) 1.000   14.82MB   889.00MB   52.09GB  
  ProRes HQ (422 10bit) 0.186   4.58MB   275.00MB   16.11GB  
  Grass Valley HQX (422 10bit) 4.000   98.78MB   5.79GB   347.27GB  
  Grass Valley HQ (422 8bit) 3.000   59.27MB   3.47GB   208.36GB  
  H.264 MPEG-4 AVC (8bit) 0.055   841.87KB   49.33MB   2.89GB  
  MPEG-2 (8bit) 3.000   44.45MB   2.60GB   156.27GB  
  Photo-JPEG (8bit) 3.000   44.45MB   2.60GB   156.27GB  

Provider Stream Video Bitrate (kbps) Disc Bitrate (Mbit/s)
360p 480p 720p 1080p DVD Blu-ray
BBC 800 1500 3200   3 Mbit/s


9.5 Mbit/s

48 Mbit/s
(video and audio)

40 Mbit/s
(video only)
ESPN 1400 2000 2800  
Hulu 700 1000 2500
iTunes   1500 4000 5000
Netflix 560 1050
Vimeo 800   2000 4500
YouTube 500 1000 2000 3500
  896 1216

See a list of all the things that influances a video data stream.

Some comen preset links of "comen" video formats:
 10/10 444 1bit 1fps
 ProRes 422 HQ 1080p24
 MPEG-2 1080p24
1080p24 Grass Valley codec QLX

Calculation Help:
If each pixel is represented by 1-bit, each frame has 0 color bits (0 pixel count x3); or in Bites this would equal to 0.00 Bites (8 bits in one Bite) (1024-based)

For example, this is the ways we export most of our 8mm film transfered to a final file

Background: During the past three years, we experienced the need for increased hardware upgrades. So we kept asking ourselves, "What kind of storage capacity is needed, and what kind of data transfer rate will it require?" Also our website estimation tool required this information. So we went ahead an programmed this calculator. We hope this calculator will helps you, as much as it heps us make an informative decision.

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