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35mm Slide Scanning at 9K!

Each of your 35mm slides are carefully hand-cleaned then digitized, full-frame (no-cropping) at an exceptionally high resolution.

We provide you with 3 valuable files for each of your slides: TIFF (for printing), JPEG (for viewing on computer or SmartTV) and an email-friendly sized JPEG. Most companies charge extra for these two additional files: email-friendly JPEG, and TIFF.

  • 9,504 x 6,336 pixels is the equivalent of a 9.5K TV
  • 6765 dots-per-inch
  • 14-bit RAW files (290-350 MB per image)
  • Our camera offers 15-stops of dynamic range
To read our complete process, click here.

Includes Chromatic Aberration Fix The benefit of the software we use is it fixes chromatic aberrations. This improves the flawed image outer edges, thus eliminating the common “rainbow glow” of the flawed high contrast edges -- due to using inexpensive camera lenses.
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35mm Slides

Either count your individual slides or just provide a rough estimate. We'll have an exact count once all have been digitized. We base your invoice on that total count.

Please enter number of slides to digitize  

We can scan all types of slides (glass, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic) and sizes (24x24, 24x36, and custom formats).

Note: If your slides are housed in individual metal encasing or plastic sleeves, please contact us - extra fee assessed.

Now, each slide is hand-cleaned!

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Commonly asked questions:

What are your business hours?
In general (and aside from the traditional "Christmas/Holiday Rush" months) our hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST). We do all of our business by mail (except for some local, Ojai, CA, drop-offs.) We are available by phone: (805) 640-8883. If we don't answer, please do leave a message for us, as we use a land-line telephone and welcome your message. We do not employ a full-time receptionist so look forward to knowing you called. Thank you very kindly!
What is the best way to ship my film to you?

We have enjoyed a 100% track record of perfectly delivered packages using the Postal Service -- with the exception of 3 reels sent in a padded envelope, which was not properly sealed by the customer. And yet, we received the envelope! Sadly, it contained no film.

We send all our domestic shipments via the U.S. Postal Service using their "Priority Mail - with a Signature Confirmation". If you prefer, and let us know, and we can use a "Delivery Confirmation" instead. ('Delivery Confirmation' does NOT require a person to sign for the package.)

Both methods provide you with a tracking number with which you will be able to track your shipment.

UPS, FedEx and other carriers also work. However, we only send back your goods via the U.S. Postal Service. (Note our Policy: We return your order -- both transfer and originals -- in one shipment.)

What is the turnaround time on your orders?

It’s easy to find out. From this page, you are 1 or 2 clicks away from seeing your "Estimated Completion Date." As soon as you finish your free online Estimate, it shows you the ESTIMATED completion date. Sometimes we beat that date, but if we find we might go past that date, we will contact you.

NOTE: Our turn-around time varies based on how much work we already have "in-house" at the time your order is placed. (1 - 6 weeks is our usual)

What if I am wrong in calculating my Estimate?

We base our invoice on the total minutes of your transferred footage. For slides or images, it is based on the actual number of images. Therefore, it is only after the transfer is completed that we will know the total cost of your order. We then notify you via email, and that's when you pay for your order.

If you have under-estimated your total footage (or slides), your invoice will be a bit more, and if you have over-estimated, then the cost will be a bit less.

More information about our order process

Do you perform all the work yourselves? Do you outsource any of it?

We perform all of your work here in Ojai, CA. However, we do not have a store-front office. We do all our business by mail. On occasion we prearrange a convenient meeting time to retrieve goods, in downtown Ojai. Let us know if you need us to consider this option for you.

All the technical aspects of your transfer are handled by Nathaniel Courtens - a professionally trained filmmaker and photographer and graduate of "Brooks Institute of Photography" (1996), Santa Barbara, California. Laura Courtens handles the communication, tracking, packaging, and logistics of each order.

IMPORTANT: We are only able to transfer content which is original to you, or that you own or have a license to use, or that falls within the fair use exception under copyright law, and where the transfer of such content does not violate the rights of others or applicable copyright law. Accordingly, we are not allowed by law to transfer copyrighted commercial content (such as movies and television shows) that does not meet such criteria. When you place your order, you will be required to certify that the content provided to us meets at least one of these criteria and that the transfer of the content does not violate the rights of others or applicable copyright law.

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